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RTA Furniture was created in February 2003 in order to produce and market modular furniture for daily living. Our idea is to offer unique products with a perfect combination between competitive prices, excellent quality and functional and innovative designs. We are a young company that counts on the experience and the support of other important companies of the sector. As a company, we integrate financially, administratively, organizationally, productively, commercially and culturally in order to develop, in our human group, a great sense of belonging, which then translates into guaranteeing our clients quality furniture with a high content Environmental responsibility and extraordinary designs, always thinking of meeting their needs. To achieve this, RTA Muebles modular furniture complies with international quality standards thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology and to which they are made with the best boards of cultivated wood, finely crushed and pressed. Also essential are the exclusivity of our designs and the delicate selection of the fittings and accessories that we use in our furniture.

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