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In case of any complaint, claim, replacement or suggestions please write to our customer support mail: or call us by phone at (2) 691 17 00 in Cali, Valle del Cauca. Kindly we will answer your request and we will contact you as soon as possible.


01 8000 18 91 81

(604)6959181 / 6911700
Ext 128

+57 314 863 0451

This space is created in order to solve your doubts regarding our products, services, guarantees and other items of our brand RTA Furniture:

► Where can I buy RTA Furniture products?

Our furniture is sold in any of the distribution stores highly recognized throughout the country such as: Jumbo, La 14,  Homecenter, Falabella among others. If you are interested in buying a reference, we can locate the nearest store or request it for you. Also you can buy our products on our website or at:

► How can I report product warranty?

You can contact us through: Email: PBX 6959185 Ext 125-328 018000189181

► Is it necessary to keep the assembly instructions during the time of coverage of the product warranty?

 Yes, it is necessary to identify the reference and the exact lot number that is reported on the cover of the assembly instructions for the ideal generation of replacement parts if needed for the warranty.

► The shipment of replacement parts generate any charge for the customer?

No, replacement parts are sent to the correspondence address informed by the customer at no cost as part of the guarantee.

► Where is the assembly instruction?


The assembly instructions are located inside the hardware bag

► ¿How do I differentiate the full overlay hinge from the half overlay hinge?

The half overlay hinge has a more pronounced curvature than the full overlay hinge


► Recommendations to open the package

1. Cut the plastic package carefully to ensure that the pieces are not scratched by the cutting element.

2. Remove the top of the package holding the assembly manual.

3. With the assembly manual check that the parts, quantities and fittings are correct, 

4. Use a flat surface or a cardboard (you can use the furniture´s packaging) to assemble on top. 


RTA Furniture has a 3 years warranty from the date of manufacture, which you can identify in the lot number printed on the product and / or the instructions.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and poor quality of materials that prevent the assembly and use of furniture. Given the case RTA Design S.A. Will replace the defective part (s). The melamine board does not peel off as long as it strictly adheres to the recommendations on care of the product. These are immunized.

Thoroughly inspect the parts before assembling, once the furniture is assembled, the company will NOT be responsable for damaged parts. The warranty does NOT apply to products that have been improperly assembled, manipulated or used in an unreasonable, modified, repaired, overloaded or omitted form. Does not include workmanship for furniture assembly. This warranty applies only under normal conditions of use and handling.

The warranty will be validated by the place of purchase, you must bring the instructions of the furniture to process it.


1. If the product has not been assembled in accordance with the              attached instructions.
2. If the product has been altered, manipulated or repared in any               unreasonable manner by people not authorized by this company.
3. If the product has been exposed to the weather or has had direct        contact with water.
4. If the product has been assembled 3 months after its date of         purchase.
5. When the product has been used under conditions other than              normal.

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